If you’ve ever played games like Farmville and Barn Yarn, then Hay Day must be easy as pie. Its developer Super Cell is famed for other equally notorious titles Boom Beach and the massive hit Clash of Clans which even spurned its own Liam Neeson starred commercial!

Hay Day is a freemium game [which means players can play it for free at certain levels or it has unlockables that are paid content] initially released in 2012 on the App Store aiming mainly iOS-capable device users. It was then later released for Android phones in late 2013 in Google Play store.

Like most farming games, this first-person game requires you to till the farm and grow every produce available be they crops or livestock. This farm sims game though does not introduce anything new in the overly saturated genre. Most of its redeeming points though is in the graphics department and mostly good to better if you use it on your iPad where it was first marketed at.

Gamers who love the genre may appreciate how Hay Day turns to familiar territory by letting them wait for real time to grow real-life items which in turn can be used to create new products. You also get to sell it then grow your farm in time, mostly using diamonds which you can either get as you progress or purchase as they’re very limited resources.

Selling though is not limited to just selling within your game or make it available worldwide through their in-game newspaper. This is only possible though if you sell your items on the road side. Connectivity is no issue as the game can be anchored on Facebook for instant shares and communication. You can visit friend’s farms as long as you’re connected on the platform such as Google or Facebook.

Fans may be annoyed with constant chatter of notifications slewing news of items now ready for harvesting or any new sale. This could be bugging and implies the need to play the game on a daily basis otherwise, production will suffer.

Players have their own home where they can view their collected achievements. As time passes by, its developer introduces reinventions to the game to spark more in-game usage such as Derby task log where you win trophies and the Ferris wheel [of fortune] as you literally have to spin the wheel to determine what kind of item you’ll get for free while testing your luck. Upgrades are normally given while you level up. Level ups though mean that you need to expand your space. Unlike Farmville where you add more patches of green and purchase more lands, Hay Day stays realistic by letting you use whatever space you have to begin with by removing rocks and cutting down trees to make way for plain lands to farm next.

The game so far, has received and continues receiving positive reviews in various sites such as Eye TV, Common Sense Media and Pocket Gamer. Super Cell developed a Wiki and a forum specifically for the game to help bridge players around the globe into a growing, contributing community.


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