With Hay Day Hack and Cheats you may generate infinite diamonds and gold coins in the world’s best mobile farming game!

Hay Day Cheats

With hay day Cheats you may generate infinite diamonds and gold coins.

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Hay Day Cheats 2014


Welcome on Hay Day Hack website ! If you are looking for ingenious cheats to make your Hay Day gaming experience more fun, and you want to climb the levels faster, then this is the perfect place to be.

Hay Day is a game which has been created by the innovative game developers Supercell. It can be played in almost all mobile platforms – using a browser, a smartphone or a tablet. At Hay Day, you are a farmer who starts with a very small and manageable farm. You start to tend crops and continue to build your own court step-by-step. In the course of the game you need to have a vast array of plants thriving on your fields. If tended and cared properly, the points you earn from this will allow you to expand your farm and own countless buildings.

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In the buildings that you will acquire, you can produce goods that you can sell to walk-in customers and use them for specific orders as well. You can find such orders either on the ironing board of a truck in the vicinity of the road or sometimes on the berth of a ship.

If your potential business with the goods starts to thrive and you begin earning, you will receive gold and experience points (XP). A big number of experience points will send you to higher levels and let you acquire more buildings, animals and plants.

You may already have plants, products and gold but there is a raw material, something more amazing, that you need to have yet. These are the diamonds! Diamonds are very valuable and they can be used for all aspects of the game. Unfortunately, you must buy these diamonds in a store using real money. You may choose not to do so but the game may be extremely cumbersome and dragging for you.

Now are you ready for our Hay Day cheats?

Realizing that the game is only half as fun without diamonds, clever minds developed a series of Hay Day cheats. With the Hay Day diamonds cheat, you can easily get any number of diamonds to let you enjoy the game without getting anxious.


You can buy the diamonds and gold for yourself. With gold you can buy goods from other players or construct buildings. Diamonds can be used universally and fulfill very important requirements. Diamonds can recharge the water in your wells. They have this unique feature of accelerating the production life of your plants and animals, so you can spend less time in the game yet your new products keep coming in. In addition, diamonds can expand your silo and the barn that you keep. This will allow you to have more space for plants and manufactured goods.


So with Hay Day Hack, you will have more pleasure and increased fun in playing the game.

One of the greatest ways to use the diamonds through the Hay Day cheats is to offer them to Tom. Tom is a hardworking guy from your neighbourhood. He will take care of your glittering diamonds. His talents can be sources of many objects and rewards in the game. In a short period of time, he fulfills a number of jobs that will be highly useful for you. With the help of the Hay Day cheat, he can work for you around the clock very quickly. It is very cost-effective, many products coming out with little costs involve. It will give you a huge advantage over other players in the game.


A large number of players now use the Hay Day cheats to rise into very high levels. Anyone who plays without these cheats has a large disadvantage and a huge amount of time wasted. You are completely free to equip your device with the latest Hay Day cheats. This is all you need to do so that you can also be in the upper ranks.


download hay day hack tool

Hay Day Cheat Information:

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  • Filename: Hay Day Hack Tool v2.5.0
  • File Size: 1,94 MB
  • Version: 2.5.0
  • Supported Operating Systems: iOS, Windows, Android, Linux
  • Virus Free: YES
  • Anti-Ban Protection: YES

So you use the hay day Hack Tool

Hay Day Hack

  • Download the hay day Hack Cheat.
  • Connect your mobile device with your computer.
  • Start the Hay Day cheat and pick your designated smartphone or tablet.
  • There is a lot of gold and diamonds waiting.
  • Click Start to hack.
  • Remove the mobile device from the computer.
  • Start Hay Day and enjoy your new diamonds and Golds all the way!

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